SMS Design – Understanding your Organisation:

  •  Your organisation’s size/business/culture/influencers/Strategic Direction.
  •  Regulations you are subject to and/or the Management vision regarding- Timeframe for SMS implementation and accreditation.
  • Design the best Safety Management System for your organisation once the above bullet points have been fully understood.

SMS Implementation – Project Management of SMS Design Implementation to include:

  • Documentation
  • SMS Training
  • Hazard Identification Techniques
  • Safety Audit Schedule development and managing your audit schedule
  • Safety investigation effectiveness, policy and training
  • Data analysis and trending
  • Safety Promotion and Training design
  • Safety Governance requirements (meeting hierarchy, Quorum, frequency, agenda, objectives, meeting effectiveness and culture)

Safety Review – Audit Current SMS including:

  • Documentation compliance with regulation
  • Policy and Target effectiveness
  • Organisation compliance with own documentation

Security List-X Accreditation:

  • Physical review of property and audit of procedures and security culture
  • Working with the sponsor, accreditor and your company personnel to increase physical security measures whilst improving safety culture and procedures.