cobham_air_craftAlthough we are a relatively new business (registered in 2012) starting initially in the aviation market, our safety specialists have achieved success assisting Cobham (trading as FR Aviation) introduce a CAA approved ‘Effective’ ICAO 9859 SMS.

We have also dramatically improved the safety at one of the RAF’s flagship stations and are currently assisting a Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S) Project Team achieve a successful MAA audit and documentation approval.

Airborne Systems Ltd (Jun 15 – Mar 16):Parachutes

“Initially hired to assist with increasing our capacity for meeting the needs of our main customer, the UK MoD, and to review safety in general. Si provided innovative and effective approaches which ensures we are able to continue to meet the regulatory and contractual requirements in an easy to follow format. He has created a range of templates and procedures underpinned by training courses to standardise the approach across the company.

After a short but comprehensive review Si designed a Safety Management System tailored to our needs and has successfully delivered eight different training courses to over 200 staff including:-

  • SMS Overview / Intermediate / Advanced Techniques.
  • SMS Investigation.
  • Occurrence Review Group training.
  • Management of Change.

Of particular note is Si’s passion for safety, particularly while presenting or training, as this not only aids learning but it added a real impetus to the continued improvement of our Safety Culture. Feedback from all those who attended was extremely positive and with Si highly rated as a trainer.

Si Hays with Martyn Jones Engineering Director at Airborne

Si Hays and Martyn Jones

Hazard Identification and Assessment working groups now follow the ISO 31000 model as an overview, but due to Si’s logical step-by-step approach the process is even more effective. Si has gone beyond simply leading these events and has ‘trained the trainers’ to ensure continued excellence now that Si moves on to his next challenge.

Si has made a substantial and positive difference to the direction Airborne Systems will now follow and I would have no hesitation in inviting THI Safety Management Systems back for reinforcement and new starter training and to further develop our Safety Management System.”

Martyn Jones,
Director of Engineering,
Airborne Systems Ltd

 Ministry of Defence TEST Project Team (Mar 14-Jun 15):

“Si Hays came to work for the DE&S Trials, Evaluation Services and Targets (TEST) Team in early 2014 as a Manpower Substitute contractor to fill a gap in our Safety Team, and to help us update our Safety Management Systems.  It soon became apparent that Si’s initiative, drive and enthusiasm for safety management were going to be of tremendous benefit to us, and his contribution has extended far beyond what I had initially expected or even imagined.  Si’s vision of a comprehensive and active approach to safety assurance has revolutionised our thinking, and he has been central to our work to put the necessary documentation in place and set up a comprehensive programme of audits.

In August last year my Safety Manager moved to another post, and it was clear that recruiting a replacement was going to take some time.  Si immediately stepped up to the role – before I had even asked him – and has displayed leadership and determination, welcoming 2 new staff into the team, guiding and training them, and leading by example.  He has also played a key part in developing an excellent working relationship with the MAA – who had been amongst our leading critics – to show them how and why we are doing what we are, and to demonstrate that our systems, and just as important our attitude to airworthiness and safety, are up to the mark.

I initially employed Si for 6 months; with further extension he has been here for 15, as there is so much to do and he has done it so well.  I wish I could extend his contract further, but our vacant posts are now all filled and the rules don’t allow it.  However, even as he prepares to leave us he has been mentoring the new Safety Manager, and finishing off some key documentation.

Si has made a very significant contribution to my Safety Management Systems, and has played a central part in setting my Safety Team on the right path.  In safety terms he has been my ‘conscience’ as we have wrestled with some complex problems, and it has been a pleasure working with him.  I wish him, and THI SMS, very well with whatever future ventures arise, and recommend him most highly to anyone whose safety management arrangements are in need of a thoughtful, effective and innovative refresh.”

Group Captain Andy Tait,
Trials Evaluation Services and Targets (TEST) Project Team
(Military Registered Civil Owned Aircraft base at MOD Boscombe Down).

Cobham (Oct 13 – Mar 14)

“I think you can be very proud of the impact you have made on this Company, and I know I speak for everyone at Cobham Teesside when I tell you how much we have valued your honest and well-balanced approach to the important business of safety. I am well aware that the Teesside aircrew audiences can often be difficult and unwelcoming but your fair and open presentations and investigations won you the respect of even the most sceptical amongst them.”

Ted Threapleton, Head of Operations Teesside.