Silas Hays : Managing Director THI-SMS

The Hays Initiative Limited (THI) provides safety consultancy services and specialises in the design, implementation and review of Safety Management Systems (SMS)  .

THI was started in 2012 with the purpose of helping organisations to become more effective at complying with regulation, identifying hazards, managing risks and proactively improving safety.

If you need a Safety Management System, find that areas of your current SMS are not as effective as you need or would just like a ‘health check’ then please get in touch. Whether your organisation/company produces power, provides healthcare or transportation, THI SMS can improve your organisation’s safety record and culture and bring tremendous business benefits such as improved morale, trust and staff retention.

Si Hays, Managing Director of THI is an SMS specialist with a background in Aeronautical Airworthiness and engineering (as a technician and manager), Project and Programme Management, Quality Management and Lead Auditing (ISO accredited).